Dreamscape Band - Reviews

Our client's reviews & words of appreciation
(all referenced quotes are from ACTUAL letters to the band and / or posted online reviews - 
and ALL are available for your inspection or for you to call and/or email to verify their authenticity)

The dreamscape band is ONE band - and, ONLY in Pittsburgh - there are not 100's of "dreamscape" bands all over PA or the USA, nor are there more than one of them performing on any one night in Pittsburgh.

We don't assemble random musicians & call them dreamscape - it's ONE band... What you see & hear on this site IS THEM!  ..and here's what people who have had them for their events are saying!! 

is this what YOU want to be thinking after YOUR event?

and if that's not enough, here's 100+ more!

the Dreamscape Band - One Oxford Centre 301 Grant Street, Suite 4300 Pittsburgh, PA 15219 - 724-941-1111

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